About Us

About Us
  • Gown for Formal

  • We are here to make gowns for your formal events. We are here to help women feel confident, beautiful and look the best they can on their special formal night. We want you to find the gown best for your formal and make it a night to remember.

  • 1. Design
  • Every gown at Gownformal undergoes a unique and specific design process. Our gowns are designed with the wants and needs of our clientele in mind. Every design must fit our criteria before the design is deemed a GOWNFORMAL design.
  • 2. Quality fabrics
  • The Gownformal team travels far and wide in search of beautiful, unique, and inspiring fabrics. We seek quality, irresistible colors and designs, and fit-friendly fabrics that complement our designs. 
  • 3. China Manufacturing
  • Once the perfect sample is created, our designs enter quality Chinese manufacturing. We believe that our Chinese manufacturing is the difference in achieving a higher grade of style and quality amongst off shore produced garments. Chinese manufacturing allows Gownformal to produce on-trend formal collections at a competitive rate and enables us to keep up with the wants and needs of our clientele. Having an exclusive and skilled team of Chinese manufacturers also assures our clients that waiting times are kept to a minimum and alterations are handled by knowledgeable and equipped professionals. The Gownformal design process is extensive and essential and no dress enters our stores until it achieves the seal of approval.